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KW Defense Tuesday Mar 20, 2018
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Protect Yourself.... Defend your Family

About Our Company
KW Defense was founded by former U.S. Marines and gun enthusiast buddies who wanted to take a hobby to the next level! We only offer products that we have tried, tested, and personally use and to make readily available for our service men on the front lines to the armed citizen. These products will enhance the safety, accuracy, and speed of performance for all who use.

Purchase Instructions
All firearms purchases and transfers, including private party transactions must be made through a licensed dealer under the Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) process. All Gun Sales must be either shipped to KW Defense or to a Dealer Near you. A valid FFL will have to be supplied from your local gun store before shipment. California imposes a 10-day waiting period before a firearm can be released to a buyer or transferee. A person must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a rifle or shotgun. To buy a handgun, a person must be at least 21 years of age, and either 1) possess an HSC plus successfully complete a safety demonstration with the handgun being purchased or 2) qualify for an HSC exemption. IMPORTANT NOTE! The CA roster is in full effect. MANY pistols/revolvers are not legal for sale in CA. SEE STORE POLICIES. Please see the CA DOJ Safe Handgun Roster before ORDERING! Guns ordered for CA that are off roster will be subject to restock fee if you are not allowed to purchase!

Store Hours
Monday - Saturday 0900 to 1900 hours Sunday - 0900 to 1700 hours

Contact Information
Email: info@kwdefense.com
Store Phone: (209) 910 0899
Store Fax:

Store Directions
Not Available

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