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ASK Defensive Training Co Friday Feb 23, 2018
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About Our Company
ASK Defensive Training Co. was started because the founder Shawn Gibbs and his associates saw a need for a simple straight forward approach to firearms training, without all the dogma that is associated with firearms training in general. As we are a supporter of the second amendment, we believe in that everyone if they desire should be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. But we also believe that the proper training is paramount. With the staff we have assembled here at ASK Defensive Training Co. we have the utmost confidence that we will meet and exceed all your expectations. We have programs for all ages and genders, whether you just want to try shooting for the first time, want to brush up on the shotgun skills or you are a seasoned shooter looking for a new challenge we have a courses that will meet your needs. As we offer a long list of NRA approved courses as well as ASK Defensive Training courses. We offer many courses in your personal protection, home defense as well as hunting skills. Our mission is that we will leave no student behind!!

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Store Hours
Monday -Friday 11am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 5pm Sunday Closed

Contact Information
Email: askdefensivetraining@verizon.net
Store Phone: 9093071400
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